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Anti-Virus - Online Scanners / Programs

  • Bitdefender - Look for the online scan button on their home page
  • F-Secure - Great online scan. It crashes at times and uses a lot of resource, but seems to find a lot of malware.
  • Trend Micro - House Call. Once again a bit of a "slug". It may crash, but it also finds a lot of malware.
  • Norton - Most popular antivirus program. This is an online version which can be used to scan your local system.
  • Jotti's - Single file online scanner upload it to their system and it will scan and report the status back to you.
  • ESET - Free online malware scanner using Internet Explorer and not having to install anti-virus software.
  • Avast - Not an online scan program, but a good FREE home version anti-virus program that lasts a year (with registration).


  • Microsoft
    This is Microsoft's home page. There are many others for support, downloads and product information.
  • CNet's - I've found this site to be useful for finding freeware / shareware / purchase software to be able to do specific tasks.
  • There are thousands more. Please email me with suggestions. (email)


  • Touch Computer Systems - Supercom's "house brand" of computer systems
  • There are a bazillion hardware manufacturers out there. We will be updating links as soon as we compile the vast list. Please email me with suggestions. (email)


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